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Welcome to episode 5 of Just Because…The Martians Are Here!

In this out of control episode, we sit down (via Skype) and chat with three of the most talented, interesting and completely out of this world guys you’ll ever meet. Stefan Sawynok, Simon Meddings and Rick Moyer (the driving forces behind the incredibly interesting podcast audio drama The Martians Are Here)  share with us the seldom heard behind the scenes “stuff” that helped make this one of the most successful audio dramas ever.

If you have an idea for a future Just Because episode, you can contact us at justbecausepodcast@gmail.com. Or, if YOU’D like to record your own episode of Just Because, send us your outline!

Thanks for listening and remember, ANYONE can be a podcaster…you just need an idea. Why?

—– Just Because! ~~ Al, Joyce & Kate (The Pup)

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