Just Because…Inside The Voiceover Studio


Well….long time no put up a new episode! And this is STILL not a new episode, but SOON! This is an advertisement for an new series of episodes coming your way very, very soon called Just Because: Inside The Voiceover Studio. I am a professional voice actor. No, that’s not an admission for a 12-Step plan. So, I thought, what would people want to listen to? And, when I couldn’t get movie stars to commit to being on the show, decided, how about fellow professional voice actors?! And so it shall be! I’ll sit down with some of the best voice talent actor types in the industry and ask them the hard hitting questions enquiring minds want to know. And who knows? Maybe they’ll even offer some tips to anyone stupid enough…err, I mean, interested in joining the ranks of the most famous people no one has ever heard of! So, be sure to subscribe, tell you friends to subscribe, and keep an eye (or ear) out for Just Because: Inside The Voiceover Studio, coming soon to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and everywhere else quality podcasts are played! 

~ by Al on March 24, 2014.