About Al and Joyce

Have you EVER wanted to share something with someone, well, just because? Well, we do, a lot, so that’s why we started THIS podcast. As IF we didn’t already have ENOUGH going on! But, we do have a lot of random ideas and, well, just “stuff” that we want to share with others from time to time. Stuff that wouldn’t fit into our Disneyland podcast, Tales From The Mouse House. You may find an episode about our landscaping, a video on our puppy Kate playing with a water bottle, or, maybe a short story I (Al) may have written. OR…even on the AMAZING WORLD OF VOICE OVERS on the special episodes called, Inside The Voiceover Studio? How knows what ELSE you may find here?!

We may also give an episode to a friend or even a listener from time to time, should THEY have something to share. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility. The ONLY thing that is for sure, it won’t be ordinary! Why you ask? Well, Just Because!

~~~~ Al, Joyce and Kate (the pup!)