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Welcome to the  Just Because podcast series: Inside The Voiceover Studio! In this new series, I’ll be flying solo and inviting some of the biggest names in the voiceover industry to ‘sit down’ and chat with me, andsubject them to a series of questions designed to get to know the most famous people you’ve probably never heard of! And, if we’re lucky, they’ll offer some advice to anyone who wants to get into this incredible industry.



On this episode, the very talented Laura Bednarski joins me in the booth to delight us with her journey into the real of voice acting! And what a fun and inspiring journey Laura’s had! If you’d like to learn more about Laura, or maybe check out some of her work, visit her website at www.laurabednarski.com, or find her on Facebook!

How about leaving some feedback and ratings for the show on iTunes? Remember, I’m an actor…my ego could use a boost! :)

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Paradise. What more could you ask for?

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Just Because podcast, the podcast made….just because!! We’ve created this podcast to showcase some of the awesome stuff we wanted to share, that just doesn’t fit in our other podcasts, Tales From The Mouse House Podcast (a Disneyland podcast) and the FastForward podcast (a podcast dedicated to the hit CBS television show, the Amazing Race).

On this first episode of Just Because, we’re sharing with you some of our most beloved video – the ocean. Filmed during our 10th Wedding Anniversary vacation on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii in 2006, this wave crashing video is set to some of our favorite Hawaiian music. Enjoy and relax!! Aloha and Mahalo!! ~~~ Al, Joyce and Kate (the pup)

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