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 Welcome to the new Just Because podcast series: Inside The Voiceover Studio! In this new (limited run) series, I’ll be flying solo and inviting some of the biggest names in the voiceover industry to ‘sit down’ and chat with me, and subject them to a series of questions designed to get to know the most famous people you’ve probably never heard of! And, if we’re lucky, they’ll offer some advice to anyone who wants to get into this incredible industry.

We take a trip to the OTHER side of the voiceover business on this episode! Karen Souer, Virtual Assistant extraordinaire joins me to discuss her unique position in the voice industry as voiceover editor/proofer/researcher and just about anything else to keep voice actors successful! If you’re interested in learning more about Karen and what she does, or perhaps you’d like to contact her about helping YOU be more successful, visit her on her website at www.voiceoverassistant.com, or look her up on FaceBook or Twitter!

How about leaving some feedback and ratings for the show on iTunes? Remember, I’m an actor…my ego could use a boost! :)

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